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07581 413 486

Hi everyone, I'm Simon Richardson. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and profile page.  If you 'd like to contact regarding a booking, please call me on: 07581 413 486 I perform magic for all different types of occaisions. So whether you want me to come and entertain you at a special dinner, in walk-around situations, something special for your special day, entertaining the children, birthday parties for just about any age, give me a call or send me an email. You never know, I may be able to perform for you.

Winner of the Cotswold Magical Society
(CMS) 2011 Close up Competition

Cup Presentation
Read more about it here

Q. How did you first get into magic?
A. Magic has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember (well since I was a child anyway), being brought up on a healthy diet of the Paul Daniels Magic Show.  My brother was a magician and introduced me to the world of magic when I was about 9 years old.  Unfortunately, I had to wait until I was 13 before being able to join my local club which at that time was the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians Prep Group.  It was a great club that really fuelled my passion for magic.  I was a member there until I started work & college where unfortunately there was a clash and the magic had to sit in second place to my studies.  17 years later I made the conscious decision to get back into magic and practised the art again. I'm so glad that I did as I love it and so do the people that I perform for.

Q. Who were your inspirations?
A. As I mentioned earlier, Paul Daniels and many of his guests were the main inspiration, but I probably would not have been this interested if not for my brother and the support and dedication of my parents driving me to the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians, which at the time, was about 30 mins away from our home.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Wow - That's deep. Where are any of us from!
Okay, originally, I'm from the North-East of England, born in a town called Guisborough.  Although my studies and work have taken me towards the South-West.  I’ve been living in Swindon now for the last 21 Years .

Mr Green

Q. Are you married?
A. Yes and happy to say that I've been married to Rachel the past 19 Years . We have two sons who are now 14 Years and 11 Years old. Both of them interested in magic too. Well how could they not be!

Q. What sort of magic do you like?
A. Well, I like pretty much any type of performance magic.  I love watching it as much as performing it

Q. Are you a member of any other clubs?
A. I am a member of the Cotswold Magical Society  and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  (FCM UK  and FCM Inernational)
If you would like to know more about the clubs above, please ask me or click on the links above.  We are always looking for new members.

Best wishes, Simon